27 06 2010

Sooooo…we are learning to have a very loose hold on all our plans. They seem to change daily. It’s actually not that often, but so many details go with each change in plans, that by the time we have all the details ironed out from the last change, another big change happens that causes us to begin all over again.

I was given the option to get a one year visa, with an arrival date of August 10, meaning that I had to be on the ground by then. I got a job though, that would give me permanent residency, and would also override the need for the aforementioned visa. I was given a contract and accepted a position. I bought a ticket, and Shannon and I made plans for her to be able to close the sale of the house, tie up loose ends, and get our cat to NZ.

Then immigration would not approve the job. The skills were not on the immediate needs list, and therefore did not qualify. Ugh. Disappointing, but in some ways instructive. It’s nice to know that this country expects you to bring something to the table, and wants you to provide for yourself, while it also protects jobs for current citizens. Hmmm…seems like a good idea to me, even if it makes my life a bit more difficult.

So it’s back to the drawing board job-wise. Travel-wise, we initially thought the date I had to be on the ground was August 10, and Shannon could go when she wanted. We thought I could still go in July, and Shannon could travel over after I had found a job. We then received our one year visas, which stated that we both had until September 23 to be on the ground in Auckland, and we then have nine months to find a job for me within the immediate needs list.  When we find one, our visa will convert to permanent residency.  After two years of permanent residency, we would have the option to apply for citizenship.

All of that means that we decided that I will change my plane ticket to sometime in the middle of September, and that Shannon and the cat and our things will travel with me. There are pros and cons to each plan, and we continue to hold to our plans loosely, open to change and trying to make wise decisions. I’m glad for the chance to spend time with friends and family for a bit longer though, and it will certainly make tying up loose ends easier. The job market for me in education won’t heat up until October anyway, with the end of their school year in December.

We are moving forward in patience and with open hands to see where God takes this adventure. Any prayers you’d like to send on our behalf are appreciated.




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