The Parts of Our Life We Don’t Want: Name Your Price

14 06 2010

Ah, the joys of seeing the stuff you own bartered down to one dollar per piece. If only the memories and feelings could be sold along with the goods would these bargain hunting vultures truly have appreciated the carcass they were picking at. Of course, it did not help that on the morning of our planned estate sale, we were blessed with torrential rains and the most brutal humidity that has ever been chanced upon us.

Only the most dedicated came to our sale, which we still held (indoors), and as people tromped up and down our stairs and out the door with our stuff, there were some interesting exchanges:

1. a lady whose first words to me were “I’m looking for books that can help me with my druggie brother. Do you have anything like that?” Then she started praying–loudly–in front of the other patrons. It made us all a bit uncomfortable. I spied a book given to me by a friend. It’s title? Suicide: When Love Is Not Enough. The friend was sitting there at my table and saw what I was looking at. He shook his head. I ended up  giving the lady a couple of books free of charge which I don’t think will answer her prayers, but made her happy. I asked my friend where the book had come from. “Long story,” he said. “And it involves internet dating.” No one has bought that book yet.

2. a lady who bought a small chair for video gaming playing, and then demanded that I wrap it for her so it would not get wet. She then demanded I carry it out to put it in her pick up, though either of the two snarling teens in tow with her could have done it. She informed the teenage boy that this $10 chair would be his Christmas present.

3. a guy who asked what I wanted for a desk. I told him what I wanted was on the price tag. He grunted. I noticed the large eagle and gun on his T-shirt and brought up the bad health care bill. He got so excited about that and the Miller Lite rolling cooler I threw in that he gave me asking price (or close enough).

4. a lady who asked the price of almost every item we had for sale, and when I told her how much it was, she always offered one dollar. One dollar for each golf club, one dollar for every wall hanging (even stuff we did not have for sale). After a half an hour of this, she decided on some items that came to $10. She paid in quarters.

And then we had some strange people too…

It was an okay day I suppose, considering the weather. I just know we are going to have to go through the whole thing again though, since the sale didn’t allow us to really make a dent in the stuff we need to part with. We’ll try again June 26.




3 responses

14 06 2010

Post some pics here of the furniture you’re selling. We could pick it up the July 4 vaca if we buy any of it =)

15 06 2010

Oh man, sounds like you had quite the crowd! Hope you’re able to find a home for the other items. I think that was the most frustrating and time-consiming part of the move for us…good luck!

16 06 2010

Too funny… at least you know where to find some of your stuff now (my house).

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